April 15, 2013

Back to Hong Kong

I'm safely back to my lovely appartment in Hong Kong. I'm waiting for J to come home after work while I'm typing this. I'm so anxious to see him! 

Tomorrow I'm going back to work and it seems like forever since I last went! With these days in Barcelona and our pre-wedding trip to Thailand it's certainly been a long holiday! 

These 10 days I spent in Barcelona organising the wedding have been so productive. We basically have everything settled except for the video, for which I still want to look at some more options. The rest is confirmed and we only need to polish some details. I'll be telling you all about my wedding providers one by one in the upcoming Wedding Wednesdays! I also want to thank my amazing mom once again, who has been organising everything with me for the whole week {and since I got engaged, really!}. The pic above is us visiting my wedding venue, isn't it stunning? :)

Besides getting everything settled for the wedding, something else totally awesome took place: my bridal shower! You may have seen some pics on my instagram, and I'm so looking forward to share the whole thing with you! It was a very touching experience to see everything my girls put together for me! I won't be able to tell you all in detail until two to three weeks from now, because we had an official photographer for the day and she needs some time to process all the 2,000 pictures she took! OMG!!! 

Happy week to you all!


  1. Hello Xenia! there are some pictures on my Facebook, where you are taged in!
    check it :-)
    happy to read your post and to "see" you again happy with your mum at home!! kisses

  2. lovely outfit :)
    follow me : http://nicoraulea.blogspot.ro/

  3. WOW!this post.It is just...AWESOME! So bright and interesting! I am happy to find your blog in the endless sea of blogs!


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