March 2, 2013

The Herbivores

I love Staunton Street. There's so many small, cozy restaurants to choose from, it always takes me a while to choose which one to go into. Some days ago, Chloris and I went to The Herbivores, a new vegetarian restaurant, for brunch.

Brunch consists of a choice of a main dish, a drink and a set dessert. There are 5 dishes to choose from, and we got the Eggs Benedict and the Bruschetta to share. Both dishes were not up to our expectations. The eggs benedict were a bit sour because of the tomato, and the bruschetta was actually on toast bread {I mean, really?!}

 The dessert was a chocolate mousse which was more of a chocolate paste, and it turned out to be my favorite part of the meal. I wonder if their a la carte menu is any better, but as far as the brunch set goes, I wouldn't recommend it.

Visited on: February 23, 2013
Overall Quality: 3.5*
Price: HK$128 + 10% service charge per head for the brunch set
Value for Money: 3.5*
Would I recommend it? Not really, at least not the brunch

The Herbivores
35 Staunton Street


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  3. great photos!
    Great review. the food looks yummy, but looks can always be deceiving

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  5. Love how you give such honest reviews!! Great job :)

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  7. That restaurant looks so cool! And the food looks absolutely amazing!

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  8. Wow! It looks so tasty! : )


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