March 26, 2013

Sunday Brunch - Bacar, Soho

A couple of weeks ago J was out on a weekend business trip, and I joined my friend Marie and her boyfriend Roger for Sunday brunch. Sunday brunch in Hong Kong is ok, but nothing special, as far as I see it. Paris is my favorite city when it comes to yummy brunches, with all those French pastries... heaven!! Anyway, we chose Bacar in Soho for our brunch and it was quite good, specially price/quality wise.

Both Marie and Roger went for the eggs benedict. They come with bacon but since Roger is a vegetarian got it changed to salmon instead, which looked way yummier! The price for the brunch sets is around HK$100, service charge included. There's several options to choose from, and I went for the Breakfast Pizza, which was good although very meaty, and I'm not such a fan of meat either.

The best thing of the brunch set is it's served with the drink of your choice, the regular tea or coffee selection or cocktails or smoothies. Marie and I had the strawberry and apple smoothie and it was DELISH! That smoothie is already worth half the price of the set.

Visited on: 10 March, 2013
Overall Quality: 4*
Price: Around HK$100 for a brunch set
Value for Money: 4.5*
Would I recommend it? Yes! It's a great choice at very competitive prices for a brunch in Soho. 

38, Shelley St


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