March 14, 2013

Cinnebar - Wynn Macau

During the Chinese New Year holidays {a month ago already!}, J and I went to Macau for a little getaway. It was as nice as every time we've been to the city. We won at the casino, had a wonderful Portuguese lunch at Escada and discovered a great outdoor lounge at Wynn, one of the most renowned hotels in Macau. 

J and I wanted to chill out for a while in a romantic atmosphere, and we found the perfect place! Cinnebar is located on the ground floor of Wynn hotel, and has both indoor and outdoor seating. I enjoyed the atmosphere very much, overlooking Wynn's pool and gardens in a warm February afternoon. Cinnebar serves nice cocktails at around HK$100. 

Last two pics via Cinnebar


  1. wow the place looks wonderful :)
    you look gorgeous

  2. This place looks gorgeous lovely! xx


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