February 25, 2013

Life, recently, as captured by my iPhone

 photo 1_zpsc8a92295.jpg  photo 2_zpsecef5e67.jpg  photo 3_zps703881f9.jpg  photo 4_zpsb8956067.jpg  photo 5_zps54cb1270.jpg

[1] My fiancé surprised me by sending this amazing 11-red-roses-bouquet to my office on Valentine's Day
[2] I visited J's dad hometown in mainland China, Shunde, for the first time, and fell in love with Lau Kin Hang, the toddler son of J's cousin
[3] Sushi dates with J are my favorite {just behind high tea ones!}
[4] Chloris and I visited the vegetarian restaurant The Herbivores, review soon up on the blog!
[5] Pics I take when I'm bored at the office...
[6] I love revitalizing office breaks with Daisy
[7] David and I were the MC of my company's annual dinner last Friday
[8] I started looking for bridesmaids dresses, and I'm loving it!
[9] I had my nails done in Shenzhen yesterday for... CNY10! {USD1.6!}
[10] Yesterday was the fifteenth day of the lunar year, time to open the 44 red packets I received this year :))


  1. awesome photos!
    you are gorgeous and that sushi looks yummy!

  2. Stunning flowers! Gorgeous photos x

  3. i was immediately drawn to the photo with all the different color swatches =D i loved looking for bridesmaid dresses!


  4. These pictures are so lovely, seems like you had some fun lately and the food looks incredible, I`m drooling all over the screen here. Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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