January 6, 2013

Patisserie - Hyatt Regency Shatin

Patisserie is the bakery cafe at the Hyatt Regency in Shatin, and it's one of my favorite patisseries in town. It's always full with mouth-watering pastries, cupcakes, petit-fours, cakes and imported delicatessen. I love that is small and, because of its location, seldom crowded. Patisserie might be a bit pricey with doughnuts selling at HK$20, but it's all worth it!

Since I live in Shatin, coming here is pretty convenient and it really makes my day! Yesterday J and I went to Patisserie for an afternoon snack and, as usual, ordered the Pastry Set. The Pastry Set, at HK$72, is available from 7AM to 9PM and it includes a cake of your choice and a drink.

We ordered an Apple Pie {Patisserie's signature dish}, a Chocolate Crunch Cake, a Cappuccino and a Cafe Latte. Everything was as delicious as it looks.

Visited on: January 5, 2013
Overall Quality: 5*
Price: Pastry Set for one: HK$72
Value for Money: 5*
Would I recommend it? Totally. Don't miss the chance to visit if you happen to be around!


  1. Everything looks very tasty!!! And you very gorgeus!!

    LOV U!! XOXO

  2. oH where in Shatin is this? I am from HK and I lived in Shatin too (currently living in Toronto)! Anyway I live near the New Town City Shopping Center, is the Hyatt near by? I love your blog by the way! I wish we could meet when I visit HK end of this year =) since we are both in Shatin.

    1. Thank you! The hotel is in University MTR Station. Quite convenient! Let me know when you're back :))

  3. All of it looks completely amazing!!!


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