January 14, 2013

Maccha House - A Green Tea Feast Made in Heaven!

This time we nailed it. We found the green tea paradise on earth {in Hong Kong, precisely}. Anything "Green Tea" you can imagine, it's available at Maccha House, and it's to die for. If heaven does exist, I hope it comes with a Maccha House :D
Maccha House is a Japanese restaurant specializing in Matcha products {green tea}, and using premium ingredients flown in from Japan, and a Japanese chef from Japan too, who you get to see thanks to the open kitchen!

We arrived to Maccha House at lunch time, so we had some regular lunch first, which is also available at the restaurant. I had Teriyaki Chicken & Soft-boiled Egg Rice Bowl (HK$59), and J had the Spicy Tomato Ramen (HK$69). My dish was delicious, and apparently so was J's, but he warned me against trying it, because it was way too spicy!

For drinks we had a Matcha Latte (Hot) and a Maccha Latte with Azuki Beans & Rice-flour Dumplings (Iced). They were the best matcha drinks I've ever had. Since I particularly enjoy sweet drinks, for my taste the Matcha Latte could have been sweeter, which is why I'd recommend getting the Matcha Latte with Cream instead. The Maccha Latte with Azuki Beans & Rice-flour Dumplings was delicious, both J and I agreed it was the best green tea drink ever ever ever!

After lunch we ordered the dessert... We were a bit indecisive on what to order with so many choices and those tempting parfaits, but we finally went for the Maccha Azuki Bean Dorayaki (HK$44), and boy did I enjoy it! The Dorayaki was soft and warm, and it was a beautiful contrast to the cold Matcha paste. For it to be perfect, I'd rather have the whipped cream removed and have a bit more Matcha instead {who? me? addicted to Matcha?!}

One curiosity to note is I learned something interesting from visiting Maccha House. I was very surprised to see Matcha spelled as Maccha, so I did some research of my own... It turns out Japanese people spell it as Maccha, and may not even be aware of the English world using the Matcha spelling for this Japanese treat...

Visited on: January 13, 2012
Overall Quality: 5*
Price: HK$264 for two main dishes, two drinks and a dessert
Value for Money: 5*
Would I recommend it? Most certainly! I can't wait to go back!:

There's currently two branches of Maccha House in Hong Kong:

*Tuen Mun Branch: Shop 21, UG/F, Phase 2, Tuen Mun Town Plaza, 3 Tuen Lung Street, Tuen Mun
*Diamond Hill Branch: Shop 325, 3/F, Plaza Hollywood, 3 Lung Poon Street, Diamond Hill


  1. great post, everything looks so delicious :) A.

  2. ohmy, I wish this post had happened earlier! I was in HK just a week ago and would've loved to go to this restaurant! :)



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