December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: some of my favorite wedding blogs

As a bride-to-be I find myself browsing the internet in search of wedding-related inspiration all the time. On blogs, pinterest, instagram, you name it. All I know is my brain processes more wedding information in a day than I ever thought possible. 
I love pinterest and instagram because of their catchy images that somehow get immediately stucked in my head. But I love blogs even more, because every beautiful image is accompanied by an equally beautiful story. Here is a list of some of my favorite wedding blogs, sources of inspiration that never fail to amaze me.

Probably the wedding blog I follow more closely. Its owner and I have similar taste, and I can easily picture any of her ideas in my wedding. I love that on her Wedding Wednesday posts, the author allows other bloggers to feature their wedding-related posts. I always put a link to my own Wedding Wednesdays :)

My favorite thing from this blog is its Real Wedding series, gorgeous weddings from all over the world. Yours can be featured too!

Everything wedding... French style! Chic! (in French)

The best thing from this blog are its wedding tips. There's so much to learn!

The official blog of my wedding venue (in Catalan). I love every single picture taken in that gorgeous place. Of course my favorite post will be the day they feature my own wedding! <3

Last but not least, my best friend's wedding blog (in Spanish). A 3-months old blog that will certainly become a must read for Spanish speakers. Her posts are detailed and beautifully written.

Do you have any good wedding blogs to recommend?


  1. Thank you very much for mention my blog and for those beautiful words! I really appreciate it... You know if you need something, you can always count on me! Love you honey!!!

  2. Hola Olivia! Enhorabuena por tu blog! Lo sigo todos los días y me encanta!! Me ha gustado la idea de que dediques los miércoles a hablar de tus preparativos, así nos das ideas! :). Te recomiendo que mires estos blogs, a mi me encantan!! Atodoconfetti: me tiene enganchada!; confesionesdeunaboda es un poco más profesional y petitemafalda. Este último es genial son 3 chicas madrileñas y te dan muchas ideas y cuidan al máximo los detalles! Espero que te sirva de ayuda! :) besitos!!!


    1. Gracias Cris! Muchas gracias por las recomendaciones, me los miraré todos!

  3. All these blogs are beautiful and Style Me Pretty is my favourite bridal blog! I wish I had discovered Pinterest when I was planning my wedding, it would have been so useful!

    And even though I am now happily married, I really enjoy your wedding-related posts and I am looking forward to reading more of them! :)

  4. Chanced upoon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  5. yey! great selection of blogs! xo, Alma

  6. This just made my day! Thank you so much for including me on your list Olivia! I feel honored to be included with such amazing wedding blogs :) xoxo

  7. Sometimes we like to read something really beautiful story. And you shared something about your life is really beautiful. Thanks you

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