December 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Save the Date Props

So... my second entry on my Wedding Wednesday series is here! After having taken our proposal reenactment pics, the next big thing to plan for is our save the date photoshoot. I'm going crazy looking for save the date props. There are so many of them, yet I can't seem to find the one. I need your help here giving me some advice, because I'm dying to tell you our wedding date! The obvious place to look for save the date props is Etsy, where hundreds of cute options are available:

Some people just take a nice picture and then type in a Save the Date message with photoshop, but I-oh-so-want my save the date props!!! Here is a list I've come up with for save the date ideas that hopefully will help me make up my mind:

1. Date banners
Image via Amy and Amy
2. Framed chalkboards
Image thanks to my friend Amanda, who got engaged a couple of moths before I did!
3. Heart-shaped chalkboards
Image via Pinterest

4. A sign with our names and date
Image via Pinterest
5. Signs with messages (He asked... / And she said yes; Soon to be her Mr. / Soon to be his Mrs.; etc.)
Image via Pinterest
6. Balloons
Image via Pinterest

7. Studio shot: a heart on the wall

Image via Pinterest

Of course the possibilities are endless. There's even those who go wild and take the classrom chalkboard to the street...

Image via Pinterest

Which one do you think is the cutest way to announce our wedding date? Help needed!


  1. these are sooooooooo cuttttttte!!


  2. I go by something simple but sweet at the same time.. My favs are number 1 and 6!! :)

    1. Thanks so much for helping me out here :)))

  3. oh it's so sweeet! i think u should choose 2 or 6 <3

  4. Totes les opcions són molt maques...però m'encante la 3 i la 7! :)

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!! Your Wedding Wednesday posts are cute, even if I'm nowhere near getting married yet. Following you now! :)


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