December 4, 2012

I'm loving BB Cream, and so will you!

I found out about this beauty miracle called BB cream when I moved to Asia four years ago. Back then, no one in Europe that I know had ever heard of BB cream, but in Asia every girl was raging about it. It didn't took me long before I gave it a go too. I LOVED IT. I still kept my foundation, which I planned to use for special occasions when more coverage was needed, but little by little I stopped using my foundation at all. It's not only that I love how my face looks with BB cream, is that I can feel my skin loves it too. I think my skin got better after using BB Cream for a while, which is why I never had to go for the deep coverage of foundations anymore. My skin is far from flawless but I believe BB Cream has improved it a lot {or at least stopped damaging it as foundations used to do!}. Foundations usually clog your pores making the skin become dull and full of blackheads. The great thing about BB Cream is it's so light it can't possibly clog your pores!

But... what exactly is BB Cream? BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream, and it originated in Korea. Well, strictly speaking, it was first developed in German laboratories to heal the skin after surgery, but the formula was adapted by the Koreans and turned into BB cream, an instant hit among Korean women that spread rapidly throughout Asia. BB Cream is an all-in-one cosmetic replacing serum, primer, moisturizer, foundation and sun-block. This basically means that BB Cream is all you need to apply to your face in the morning before doing your makeup (eye-shadow, eye-liner, blush, etc.). I personally prefer to use moisturizer before applying my BB Cream because it blends way more easily and my skin feels more hydrated, but most of my friends don't. There are hundreds of BB Cream brands, specially since western brands discovered this secret weapon and started manufacturing their own. There are also thousands of BB Cream styles, with different functions and coverage levels. What suits me will not necessarily suit you, so I encourage you to do some research on different BB Creams and see which one could benefit your skin the most.

As for me, when in Taipei last July, I bought Dr Wu's Extreme Hydrate BB Cream because I tried it on in the store and it looked gorgeous. Dr Wu is a Taiwanese brand, but their BB Creams are manufactured in Korea. Before this I was already using Dr Wu's Perfect Cover BB Cream and I was happy about it but it was not my perfect cup of tea. Now after having been using Dr Wu's Extreme Hydrate BB Cream for almost half a year, I can tell you I'm a big big fan. It does to my skin exactly what BB Creams are supposed to do: give you a natural, no-makeup look while still covering minor imperfections. 

So tell me girls, are you going to give BB Cream a try?


  1. i think BB cream is the perfect choice...more natural than a foundation..

  2. I don't think so... I'd tried last winter 'cause i friend of mine works at L'Oreal and she gaves me one BB Cream, I tried a few days, thereafter I gave it to my grandma! :P

    1. Indeed, I didn't mention I think western brands are not the best choice for BB Cream. This is a Korean product, so BB Creams manufactured in Korea are the way to go :) The most popular brands are Missha, Skin 79 and Dr Jart. Let me know if you try any of these!

  3. I have heard about this- and have wanted to try it for quite sometime! I just may so have to add it to my Christmas list!!! xo

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