November 8, 2012

The Mira Hotel - Hong Kong

On Saturday, back to Hong Kong, we checked in at The Mira Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui for a couple nights. This is the hotel my parents always choose when in Hong Kong, but it was the first time for me and J to stay in it, and whoa did we love it! It's a very modern hotel, conveniently located at the heart of the city. One of the best things at The Mira is the stunning MiraSpa. The indoor pool is to die for, it's big, relaxing, and always empty! I don't understand why there's usually no one there, but hey I won't complain! The light on top of the pool keeps changing its shade from purple to blue and pink, making for a very beautiful illumination. There is a big jacuzzi right next to the pool, which is where I spent most of the time!

Indoor pool
Inside the changing rooms, other pleasures await: Steam & Dry Sauna, Jacuzzi, Fun Shower and Flotation area. The Flotation area is a room with dim light and water beds, with a selection of the newspapers of the day for you to read while laying on a water bed. I had never been on a water bed before and it feels amazing!!! There's also a good gym with several machines and weights where I spent half an hour :D

Jacuzzi inside the female changing room
Another remarkable thing at The Mira is its top-notch customer service. I'd rate The Mira top 1 in the world in that respect out of all the hotels I've ever stayed in and, believe me, there are quite a lot! 

As for the rooms, besides being all high-tech, they are spacious, which is not to be taken for granted in Hong Kong! I enjoyed their pillow menu a lot, I ordered six different kinds of pillows until I finally found the perfect one for me. Score!

If you're going to stay at The Mira, make sure to have breakfast included, because this breakfast buffet is really something! I was delighted to find out they served Eggs Benedict with Salmon, one of my favorite savory breakfasts!

I couldn't recommend this hotel enough. I would rate it five-star in every aspect, and can't think of any area to be improved. A supreme choice for when traveling to Hong Kong!


  1. Qué hotel tan ideal! La verdad es que me quedaría varios días metida en ese Jacuzzi!!

  2. Oh my, I'd could definitely use a few days of relaxing in a hotel likes this. It looks amazing!

  3. From what I can see, the indoor Pool itself is reason enough to spent time at that Hotel! :)

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  4. Looks like a cool hotel, love the indoor pool! -Heidi

  5. Thank you for the recommendation! :) but it must be expensive to stay for a night in a hotel like this... (Even if it's worth it)

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  6. What a beautiful place. I would love to go to Hong Kong someday. And thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment. I'm following you too. :)

  7. What a LOVELY blog - those pictures are AMAZING! I'm definitely your newest follower - Do you think you could check mine out and possibly follow back please?

  8. Olivia lucky you :-) i want to go there too. Amazing pictures dear :-)

  9. Looks like a lovely hotel!

  10. WOW! This place looks crazy amazing! I've always wanted to go! Thanks for sharing!!


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