October 3, 2012

Ammo at the Asia Society Hong Kong

Ammo is the venue J and I chose to pre-celebrate our upcoming 2-year anniversary, which is on October the 6th. Ammo opened in April this year and will surely become one of the trendiest spots in town. As for me, it was love at first sight as soon as I saw the restaurant from the outside. Once we were seated and got to appreciate the stunning metallic-themed interior decor, I was practically in heaven.

We went for the Set Lunch Menu at HK$228 + 10% service charge. I was taken aback to discover that Ammo has raised the prices that much. Last time I checked the Lunch Menu was HK$180! I got the feeling they had gone a bit too far on their pricing policy, specially taking into account that the restaurant only opened in April this year. 

There were three choices for starters and three for the main dishes. We shared all the ones we ordered so that we could get to try as much as possible. For starters we had the Slow Cooked Egg with Buffalo Mozzarela Foam and Tomato Coulis, and the Rib Eye with Parsley Puree and Pickle. I loved the first one, it was the best dish of the meal for me. I didn't fancy the rib eye, I thought it was dry and hard to chew, but then I've never been a huge meat fan. J said he liked it. For our main dish we chose two pastas, one was Tagliolini with Fennel, Razor Clams and Zucchini Pesto, and the other one Ravioli with Italian sausage, Onion and Nduja, whatever the latter is. Both of them were good but not first-class. The ravioli were a bit spicy, because of the sausage filling. 

There were two desserts to choose from so once again we chose both and shared. The Mango Pudding with Mango Sorbet was good quality, nothing you can't find in a dessert store. The White Chocolate Crème Brulée with Chocolate Ice-Cream was way better, and J really enjoyed it.

Overall, it was a very nice experience. But then, been there done that, I probably wouldn't go back again. The restaurant's decor is one of the best I've seen in Hong Kong (and there's lots of fancy restaurants in Hong Kong!), but I guess the food was not that up to it, or maybe I'm just too demanding!

Visited on: 30 September, 2012

Price: Lunch Set: HK$228 + 10% per head

Overall Quality: 4*

Price/Quality relationship: 4*

Would I recommend it? It's worth to try at least once to delight on its beauty. Then it's up to you to judge whether the food is good enough to give it a second chance!


  1. I can't believe I've only stumbled upon your blog - where have you been hiding? ;) It's really lovely, I really like your photos. And this restaurant looks like heaven! :)

  2. Lovely photos. I was having a great time reading your posts.
    Keep posting..I followed your cute blog so that I can keep you on my list. I hope you can follow back



  3. The new prices sound ridiculous, I agree with you that such a place should know its boundaries.
    :) But the ambiente is quite nice, I like the bronze back-wall most! Very lovely!!!

    Follow the Royal Peach

  4. You are such a beautiful girl) Lovely photographs!)
    Have a great time:)

    Best wishes, Alex.

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