October 20, 2012

A wedding at The Langham Hotel Hong Kong

Last Sunday J's cousin, Simon, and Polly got married. We had been looking forward to this day for a long time, and the wedding certainly didn't disappoint! They chose The Langham Hotel in Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, for their reception, and it's so far the nicest wedding I've attended in Hong Kong!

I unfortunately don't have any good picture with the bride and the groom... This is the best one I've got:

It's customary in Chinese weddings for the bride to change dress during the dinner reception for several times. I wish I had taken a pic when she wore the white dress, I'd say it was the prettiest, but then all of them were! (She wore about 6 different dresses if I remember correctly!)

J with Ho Ho, the son of another of J's cousins. How cool are they?!
The little twins were there too!! Awww!

I got to take a pic with the bride when we were leaving. We all knew Polly is a beautiful girl, but whoa, on her wedding day she looked like a movie star! Stunning! Don't you agree? :)

Overall it was an amazing wedding in a very nice venue. Here are some pics of the lobby of The Langham Hotel. Gorgeous!

Last but not least, a cute pic of J and myself on the stage!


  1. It looks really amazing :) It must have been beautiful wedding :) And your boyfriend and you look amazing too :)


  2. Looks like it was an amazing weddinf, even thought I'm now repeating... :) The bride looks gorgeous, and so do you! Which brand is your dress?


    1. Thank you! It's from a Chinese brand called "Yu..." :)

  3. You are so gorgeous in that stunning dress. I literally just stop and stare at your dress at the first photo.. you and your boyfriend look so cute too! :) and the bride looks so gorgeous also!! :)

    welcome to visit: http://mary-andrikus.blogspot.com/

  4. you are absolutely gorgeous~ I love it when a pretty white girl dates a handsome asian man :) Loooove that last picture~


  5. WOW, fancy wedding :D You look stunning!

  6. estas guapisima!


  7. Several dress changes? Blimey! She definitely looked gorgeous, like a pretty doll! I love the pale pink dress she's wearing on the photo with you. And the venue - absolutely stunning!

  8. yea~ I'm totally following you now :) Follow back if you'd like


  9. yep, definitely a follower -- maybe you can refresh?


  10. hello,I'm writing from Romania,small country in Europe:)interesting posts you have on your blog, are you living in Hong Kong? nice wedding, everything looks gorgeous:)I'm glad I found your blog:)

  11. Hi Olivia!

    Thanks for the post on my blog. I adore your dress in the above photos! so pretty.

    YES i would love to follow each other, your blog is lovely...now following :) xxx

  12. http://clarascorner88.blogspot.co.uk/ in case anyone else would like to take a peek :)

  13. i know what you mean about the dress changes! my aunty in hk got married a few years ago and it was the same thing! such a big day, as it should be.
    loved your dress, its so adorable!


  14. You two look awesome together in the first & the last image!
    And the bride, wow.. she really looks happy. Congrats! :)

    Follow the Royal Peach

  15. Can I ask where your dress is from Olivia? I love the feather detail on the shoulders

    Jenny xoxo


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Thank you for your comments! I truly appreciate them!

xx Olivia