August 3, 2012

Korea UGB Peeling Gel Review

I got the UGB Peeling Gel when in Korea in January 2011 and a couple of months ago I asked a friend who was traveling to Korea to repurchase it for me, it is THAT good.

This Korean peeling gel is a combination of algae and the famous Korean ginseng. It is a totally different concept from the regular peelings we are used to. This one doesn't come with any granules (how can a peeling peel anything off without granules?!). Rest assured, it is possible with UGB Peeling Gel. When you first take a bit of gel out from the container, the texture feels like a moisturizer. Once you start rubbing it though, the gel turns into small flakes. These rubber-like particles are a combination of the peeling gel and your own dead cells. Keep rubbing until you've covered all of your face. The effects are immediate and VERY notorious. You know all those dead cells you can sometimes feel just by touching your skin? How the skin is not soft and has obvious impurities? The UGB Peeling Gel gets rid of all these in a minute, and the effects are very long lasting. Depending on the level of pollution in your city, kind of make-up and skincare routine you use, the effects of this peeling can last for up to a week. I recommend using this peeling weekly for a drastic improvement of your skin.

You can find this almost everywhere in Korea, and its retail price is KRW37,800 (HK$260). When I purchased it by myself though, I went to a duty-free shop with a group tour, where they had an amazing group discount thanks to which I was able to buy this for around HK$100. Should I've known the retail price was SO different and this product SO good, I would have bought at least three bottles! If you're interested in this tour to Korea, it's Morning Star's 5-day Korean tour. In my case it was the tour including one ski day, obviously not available now during summer, but I guess any of their Seoul/Korea tours will have this visit to the duty-free store with group discount.

In Hong Kong, I haven't seen this product in retail stores, but you can buy it online via Beauty Net, Purple Words (apparently they have two stores as well in MongKok and Causeway Bay), and Yobuy (here for HK$198 on a special promotion. I just ordered my 3rd bottle from them!).
These are just websites that I found online and claim to sell the product in Hong Kong. I'm not responsible for any of them and cannot guarantee their reliability.

N.B. The UGB Peeling Gel is to be used with DRY skin. Do not wet your face before using this or else no flakes will come out.

Price: HK$260
Overall Quality: 5*
Value for Money: 5*
Would I recommend it? Definitely. This product is made in heaven!


  1. They have the most magical products in Korea, hopefully more and more of them will be sold elsewhere! Like your blog!
    I am following you now, I myself just started, come on over, follow back if you like,

  2. I feel like I am the only one who used this brand, until I found your blog. It was actually quite difficult to find a review on it. But I loved your review!

  3. Is the brand tested on animals? That's the only thing I care about.


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